Tameer helps people set up and manage websites to promote their businesses and communicate with the world.

Specialising in WordPress sites he can get you an effective web presence with a simple site even with a small budget. Of course you may have bigger ambitions and he can help here too.

Tameer (aka Julian Self) has many years experience in marketing, product management and business planning so he is ready to work with you on the underlying messages and business priorities which will shape your sites structure – the choice of pages, the layout and the navigation.

Technical expertise comes from a basic aptitude, a degree in computer science, and from working in the computer and telecommunication industries. He works at the html code level but will also engage technical and design specialists to give you the look and the functionality you desire.

He understands financial accounting, the need to budget, and the need to make a return which covers costs – so he can help with priorities and aims to give you value for money and a service which fits your means.

Creativity is one of his strong points and he has developed innovative ways of managing content – so for example calendars of events or lists of products can be maintained from an external database in Microsoft excel and then pasted into the site when they need to be updated.

Flexibility is also on Tameer’s menu – you can just ask him to help set up the site, or he can build it with you and help with content and ongoing maintenance. It all depends on what you want to do yourself.

Meditation, Yoga, Tantra and alternative therapies are part of Tameer’s life – the mundane world is not all! So if you have a spiritual, energetic or therapeutic facet to your enterprise you will find him able to resonate with your values and reflect them in the work he does for you.

Web Site Design, Build & Support